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Basswood Shutters

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We offer a 5 year warranty on ALL aspects of our plantation shutters.

Basswood Shutters
Basswood Shutters


Our Shutters are made from an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved premium Paulownia. Learn more about this here ....
Paulownia is deemed the aluminium of timber, as it is the lightest to strongest ratio wood species in the world.
.The “premium” means the timber we chose is a mature timber. This avoids us using young or “green” timber, which is cheaper but more likely to bow and warp in your windows.

The timber is kiln dried during manufacturing. This helps eliminate the chances of bowing. Hence truly making sure the timber we use is right for your windows.

A 5 Coat - 2 Pack - paint system is then employed, to make sure we deliver a quality paint finish.  For the first coat, we use a timber sealer to protect against moisture.  This is then followed by 2 undercoats to protect against UV rays.  We then finish with 2 thick coats of UV and moisture resistant top Coats, giving the shutter a smooth, grainless finish.

All of the above means we can offer what most others cannot, panel sizes of up to 950mm wide. We can even go 1000mm wide by using thicker styles and thicker blades. This is great for those with wider windows that don't want 2 panels.

Coming in 15 different paint colours, 17 different stains, and with the ability to custom paint, we are certain of finding the colour to meet your desires.




Mature timber

Stability of blades and frame

Kiln dried

Stability of blades and frame in your environment


Stops water penetrating the timber, and stops oil of timber bleeding into the paint

2 undercoats

Excellent UV resistance

2 top coats

water resistance, UV resistance, smooth finish

Best used in:

Entire home

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pvc 89mm clearview bedroom Brighton2

PVC Shutters

Our PVC Shutters will not absorb moisture, go dry, peel, crack, or delaminate. Hence why they are such a great choice for wet areas. In fact, people love the robustness of PVC so much, they do their entire home in it. 

Our PVC is different than the others on the market for a few important reasons:

  1. It has an aluminium core. This gives it structural stability, and allows us to go up to 900mm wide with our panels. (The industry standard width for PVC is 750mm). 
  2. It has a 2 pack paint finish. This means we can marry up the colour to any timber shutters you may do in your home.




Water, mould and mildew resistant. Hence great for all areas of the house, even outside.

Aluminium core blades

Allows for a wider than standard blade

Aluminium core blades

Eliminates bowing and warping of slats

Aluminium core styles

Exceptional strength. Ideal for outdoor areas, high traffic or kids

High Thermal values

Better insulating properties than timber or aluminium

Best used in:

Wet areas or entire home

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Aluminium Shutters
Aluminium Shutters
pvc 89mm blade

Aluminium Shutters

If you’re looking to put shutters outdoors, then look no further than Australian made aluminium.

We can Powdercoat our shutters in any Dulux powdercoat colour, to match your existing décor.

Aluminium shutters can be fitted with handles and locks, to make for a more secure outdoor setting.

Ideal for light control, wind and rain protection, and privacy from neighbours, aluminium shutters not only look classy, but are designed to weather the elements all year round.

Another benefit of Aluminium is that we can make panels up to 1.2 metres wide… that’s strong!!





Strength and width advantages

Powder coating

Exact colour match decor, Anti-rust and UV resistant


Extra security

Fully closeable

Retain heat inside and keep rain out

Australian made

Quick turn around

Best used in:

Outdoor areas

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